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Huntington Beach Kids Dentist

Huntington Beach Kids Dentist

Did you know that according to a recent study, dental decay is the single most chronic disease affecting children? Your Huntington Beach kids dentist would like to help your children avoid developing cavities and the complications, which can arise from them. At Park Pediatric and General Dentistry, our exceptional team of pediatric dentists love kids and provide comprehensive dental services ranging from preventive and restorative care to emergency treatment. Dedicated to remaining current with the latest treatment technology and techniques for the benefit of our patients, you can expect your children to receive the utmost quality care.

Preventing dental decay can be most clearly understood if we consider why and how it occurs. Cavities are basically the result of the accumulation of dental plaque that regularly forms in our mouths and is home to colonies of harmful bacteria that thrive off of sugar. Whenever we eat or drink, the bacteria likes to release acids to digest their share. These acids are harmful, capable of eroding the enamel of teeth to cause cavities and deep dental decay. By providing professional teeth cleanings and expert instruction in oral hygiene methods, your Huntington Beach kids dentist helps to ensure that acid erosion doesn’t affect your children’s teeth. As an additional level of protection, backed by the American Dental Association, dental sealants are applied to the new permanent back molars. These thin protective coatings, which smooth over the deep ridges of your children’s back teeth, dental sealants prevent plaque from accumulating in those hard to reach areas. Periodic fluoride treatments also help to strengthen the enamel of your child’s developing teeth to protect them from cavities. As your child’s pediatric dentist, we employ the most effective and safest methods to ensure your child’s dental health.

If you’re ready to get proactive about your children’s oral health, contact your Huntington Beach kids dentist to get the ball rolling. Providing compassionate care with a gentle and skilled touch, at Park Pediatric and General Dentistry, our experts provide remarkable care for patients between infancy and adolescence. To schedule your next appointment, call today.

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