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When Baby Teeth Need to be Extracted

When Baby Teeth Need to be Extracted

Losing a baby tooth is a natural event for all children. Excitement for the Tooth Fairy’s visit certainly eases anxiety and concerns. Oftentimes, a baby tooth needs to be extracted, or removed, early due to big cavities, trauma, or if they just aren’t falling out when they should. When kind, professional help is needed, we at Park Pediatric and General Dentistry are pleased to help your child through what used to be a fearful experience. Our special training, as pediatric dentists, gives us many options in helping to make the process of removing a tooth pain and anxiety-free, in an environment that is comfortable, child friendly, and positive in every way.

In the vast majority of cases, primary, or baby teeth, can be removed using a topical gel anesthetic to initially numb the area around the tooth. This allows us to comfortably administer the typical local anesthetic that thoroughly blocks the patient’s ability to feel pain or discomfort. Once numb, the tooth can be gently removed with your child barely aware that the extraction has taken place.

At our Huntington Beach pediatric dental office, we are also fully equipped to extract teeth in more complicated situations. When anxiety and fear are evident in our patients, “laughing gas,” nitrous oxide, is used to comfort our little ones, diminishing all worry and nervousness. This allows for the treatment to be accomplished and a positive memory for the patient and family.

In cases where more extensive surgical procedures are required, or a higher level of anxiety is present, we offer conscious sedation. This is a combination of a safe and effective pediatric oral sedation with the use of nitrous oxide. The patient, free of deep concerns and anxiety can then interact with our caring dental team which allows our specialists to perform the necessary procedures without the patient feeling any discomfort whatsoever.

In very rare occasions, where general anesthesia is necessary, our office will refer the patient to an office that can accommodate those needs, or, as members of the medical staff at CHOC Children’s Hospital, we can perform the surgical care in a more medically monitored environment.

Managing all of these treatment modalities gives us the opportunity, at Park Pediatric and General Dentistry, to treat all of our patients in the fashion that best fits their needs. By using state-of-the-art techniques and materials, available at our Huntington Beach pediatric dental practice, we have ended the days of the painful and fearful extraction. It simply does not need to be scary, or hurt, anymore!


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